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Do you need someone with a diverse set of software engineering skills? Someone who is equally comfortable jumping in to a legacy code base as he is running a project to deliver a bespoke systems integration platform?

Whether I'm working autonomously or in a team, my skills and experiences allow me to provide a full complement of services, from code wrangling to business and product development. My previous roles include systems architecture and design, team leading, scrum mastery, technical project management, and technical operations.

I have a proven ability to communicate well with any audience, from junior developers to C-level executives, from meeting rooms to conference centres. This positions me well to represent your organisation, services and products with clients and internal staff alike.

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I was excited to get to work with Ben after having chatted with him at a few industry events. I had high expectations of someone that contributes so much to the software development and technology community.

Ben met and exceeded my expectations.

He is a passionate, talented, intuitive engineer and all-round good guy! He communicates with amazing clarity, does great work and inspires and encourages those around him to perform at their best.

I highly recommend Ben to anyone looking for a rock star, and sincerely hope we cross paths again in future.

Luke Zawadzki, Team Member
August 2017, Hanes Brands Australasia