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Sending Secure Messages

For some time, I’ve had a system that allows people to send encrypted messages via a web browser. It’s a slightly modified ZeroBin installation, which is a proven and independently audited, open source platform. Here’s a quick primer on how to use it. Head to For security reasons, I recommend you type that address,…

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Is Failure Attractive?

I was invited to present at the inaugural Australian PHP Conference, and offered to give a talk on writing a virus. What ensued was the most catastrophic sequence of events. Can you imagine how the audience reacted?

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Privacy and Security in a Mobile Phone World

Note: I’ve written this over a number of days, and it’s a big topic. It’s probably disjointed and needs clarification, refinement and building on. I’d love your feedback, questions and general comments so as to help me improve. My partner’s friends all know I’m a staunch privacy advocate. It’s not uncommon for one of them…

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I decided to start a gratitude blog today. I spent my lunch time looking at people’s posts on vision boards and gratitude diaries came up. I’ve been seeing a lot of them recently. Jo’s had one for over a month. Another friend’s almost done a whole year of hers. Something just leapt out at me…

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Australian Bushfires – Housing the Homeless

I’ve been working with my co-workers Jon (@jpoh), Gil (@gilfer), Dimitry, Becky, Danielle and Andrew on a very exciting project for the past two days, and the first iteration has just been released! Like so many people around the world, we have been touched by the devastating effects of the 2009 bushfires that have swept…

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Will Cloud Computing Violate your Privacy and Security?

According to yesterday morning’s ABC Radio National show, cloud computing will pose a danger to your on-line privacy and security with people able to read your email, see what web sites you’ve visited and reconcile your on-line activities, banking details and buying habits. We’re also going to hear a lot about cloud computing in the…

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